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Photo of field
1997 View of "The Nest" with Hawkeye greeting kids on the field

Field Details

Photo of 3rd Base Line
View down the third base line
Field Dimensions
(Same as Yankee Stadium)
Left Left
Center Right
318 398 408 353 314

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • RedHawks are on the third base side
  • Opponents on first base
  • Dugouts are concrete "bunkers" mostly below ground level
  • Bullpens are down the line and near the field of play

Fences & Field

  • Fences are 8' tall advertising signs mounted separately from a chain link fence
  • Bullpens are behind chain link fencing and out of play

Webmaster's game assessment

Think "Yankee Stadium," the architect designing this stadium did. The dimensions are exactly the same as "The House That Ruth Built" is today (but without the monuments behind left center).

Field orientation has the pitcher throwing to the southwest (unlike the Bronx). This puts the sun in right field.

Location of the field has various asymmetries to the outfield. The right field is closer than left favoring lefties hitting to the power alley. The left field power alley is slightly "extended" requiring righties to have a little extra power to clear the fence.