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Looking for tickets? Consult the Northern League contact list.

Need to contact a team? Consult the Northern League contact list.

This is not an "official" Northern League Site. There is nothing for sale here.

The contact list has all official Northern League websites, email addresses, phone and fax numbers, and mailing addresses. They can sell you tickets, handle questions about sponsorships or advertising, and a lot more.

Canaries, Explorers, Saints, & Saltdogs

If you're looking for current information about the Lincoln Saltdogs, St. Paul Saints, Sioux City Explorers or Sioux Falls Canaries, consult the American Association contact list. These teams left the Northern League after 2005 and, a companion to this site, has current information about those teams and league.

Questions about going to Canadian?

Unless your question is directly related to going to a Northern League game in Canada. Please do NOT contact me. The main Canadian guide page has links to the appropriate government agencies who can answer your questions.

Looking for collectibles?

Suggestions for collector/shoppers:

I do have extras to trade ONLY for Northern League or American Assocation (2006-) collectibles! I will only trade, NOT sell my extras (unless you're willing to pay a minimum over $50.00 cash per item). I will direct all emails back to this page unless you have a Northern League collectible not shown on this site.

Otherwise feel free to

I'm quite willing to help anyone, with all kinds of things. In the over 11 years of this site's existence I have:

  • Looked up several player stats in my media guide collection, programs and card sets
  • Scanned player cards for players and family
  • Confirmed whether a player was in a particular card set (or team)
  • Answered many odd questions about the league
  • Made numerous reccomendations for fans
  • And received a quite a lot of complements about this site.

Feel free to contact me if what you want to say is not something that is better (or can only be) handled by a team.

Thank you.