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Central Ballparks Tickets Directions Parking Tailgating Program Food Atmosphere Mascot Spare Time
($1 less advance) SRO
Near Fargodome $2 Some $3.00 Variety Excellent Hawkeye Maris Museum
$10/$9/$7/$5 Downtown Off Tollway Free None $3.00 Standard Fantastic Rusty Chicago
$12/$10/$7/$5 Downtown Union Station Anywhere?
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None Free Standard New Park! Jammer Casino or Route 66
Berm GA
North of Kansas Speedway Free Some, Rare $2.00 BBQ! Fun Well Done? Sizzle Negro Leagues Museum
Berm SRO
METRA Station Free Prohibited! $3.00 Italian Beef Upscale Bearon Mall or Chicago
Downtown The Forks C$4.00
None C$3.00 Variety Great Location Goldie The Forks
Guides for Former Teams and Ballparks (joined Golden Baseball League 2007)
C$16/$11/$9 Near McMahon Stadium & U of C Free None $2.00 Limited Lighhearted Slider Calgary Tower
C$11.50/$8.50 Downtown,
north of river
$4 None $3.00 Variety Excellent Crusher West Edmonton Mall
Guides for Former Central Teams and Ballparks (created American Association 2005)
Berm SRO
Near UofN Haymarket Free Rare $3.00 Runza Big Reds Go Big Red? Homer Capitol, Haymarket
$10/$7/$4 State Fairgrounds $6/$5/$4/$2 or Free The Mecca! $3.00 Good Variety The Midway! Real Pig Mall of America
Near I-129 $1 Some $2.00 Typical & BBQ Excellent Junior Paddleboat Casino
Berm SRO
Near Arena Free Fair $2.00 BBQ! Unique Design Cagey Canary Waterslides Mini-golf
Memorial Guides for Former Central Teams and Ballparks (1993-2002)
$8/$6/$5 Under trestles Free Good!
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$1.50 Typical Classic Homer Many Choices
$7.50/$6/$4 Northside Free Picnic! $1.00 BBQ! City Park Willie B. Wild Capitol
Across River Free None $2.00 Typical Band Box Chester Mayo Clinic?
$7/$6/$4 Hockey Arena Free None $2.00 Typical Tried Jack Amethyst Picking
Deformity Field Remembered '94-'98
East Quick Guides  
Memorial Guides for Former East Teams (1999-2002)
Waterbury Spirit
Memorial Guides for Former East Teams ('03-)

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