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nlfan.com is NOT the Official LEAGUE Site

This is not the official league site. Because this site has been around so long, people often confuse it with the league site or those for the individual teams. I take it as a complement, but I can't help you much if you want to know about how to get a franchise.

http://www.northernleague.com/ (created in 1998) is the official league site. The league is aware of this site and has been very helpful and supportive of it.

Questions relating to playing in the league or structure should be directed to league itself. More information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ and "contacts" pages.

nlfan.com is NOT the official site for ANY Northern League Team

Many people new to the web visit this site and email questions about ordering tickets thinking it is a team's site. Unlike MLB.com (the official site for Major League Baseball and all its teams) this site is not related to any team. Please direct questions about buying tickets, advertising or such to the teams themselves. Use the contact list which has a complete collection of current mail addresses, phone numbers, web sites and email addresses to help you reach them.

nlfan.com is not a major stats site

This site only has a light amount of stats and results. The league and individual team sites (usually) handle this well. Standings and Saints scores get updated (nearly) every day. The only other stats are past year's standings, awards and All Star Game box scores.

The Northern League Chronicles is the site for stats from previous years.

As a programmer and consultant I have helped several teams put up daily stats for all the serious followers of the game. As a result by the end of the '98 season half the team sites had daily updates (using my software) and in 2003, 7 of the 10 teams and the official league site itself use it.

nlfan.com is not a commercial collectibles sales site

Thanks to my collectibles pages I receive many requests for "how to buy" the items shown. I have extras to trade for collectibles I'm missing, but I don't (usually) sell them. In most cases it's best to contact the team directly.

Another good way to find others willing to sell collectibles and other merchandise is topmost questions to the discussion forums. It's not surprising for fans from around the area to help find those wanted items.