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Updates, corrections (large and small) are welcome and desired to keep these pages current and correct. I've received lots of information (and collectibles some case) from the following helpful folks (to whom I give special thanks):

nlfan.com Hall of Fame

  • Josh Bucholz
    (Media Director Fargo-Moorhead)
  • Matt McLaughlin
    (Media Relations Director, Schaumburg)
  • Jason Wostrel
    (Media Relations Director, Lincoln)
  • John Dittrich
    (Former GM Fargo, Schaumburg and Duluth)
  • Dan Moushon
    (Former President of Northern League)
  • Jeff Tourial
    (Former Media Director Allentown)
  • Kevin Farlow
    (Former player and Media Director Sioux City)
  • Renee Foster
    (Former part owner of Sioux City)
  • Jason Young
    (Former Media Director, Thunder Bay)
  • Jeff Young
    (Former Media Director Northern League)
  • Judy "the Skedder" Bartolett
  • Andrew Collier & Jonathan Green
    (GM, and Media Director Winnipeg Goldeyes)
  • Erinn McNeil
    (Former Director of Team Merchandise, Albany-Colonie)
  • Patrick Sweeney
    (Former Owner & President of the Madison)
  • Mike Sullivan
    (Saints former webmaster)
  • Don & Melanie Wardlow, Jim & Lisa Lucas
    (Former Saints radio duo and their spouses)
  • "Smooth Ed"
    (Former webmaster, Sioux Falls)
  • Jeff Papas, Chris Mehring
    (Former radio voices, Duluth)
  • Jim Robson & Kevin Luckow (Midway Tailgater)
    (Saints fans & game buddies)
  • Jon Winter
  • Brian Wollman
    (aka "Ogre" Big Canaries fan & former fan site webmaster)
  • Luc Angers
    (Quebec Capitales fan)
  • Trumpet Guy
    (aka Scott Freier; Jackals fan & fellow noisemaker)
  • Lee Gibbs
    (Flyers fan and ballpark collector webmaster)
  • Matt McDonald
  • Rob O'Keefe
  • Jim Murray
  • Paul Piorek
    (stalwart Waterbury Spirit fan)
  • Jacques Besant
  • Paul DuBois
    (Black Wolf & Northern League fan webmaster)
  • Walter Krawec
    (helpful Goldeyes fan)
  • Rich 'n' Britz Ward
    (great Duluth tailgating hosts)
  • Pat Soderbeck
    (another traveling Saints fan)
  • Randy Peters
    (fellow "pinhead" / pin collector)
  • Cathy Galagher
  • Jamie Miller
  • Kevin Rezac
    (and his wife Pam, Fargo)
  • Ron & "Santo"
    (aka Jerry Smith; Madison)
  • Greg Sax
    (displaced Saints fan, former fan site webmaster)
  • Joe Kistner
  • Dr. J & Moonlight Graham
    (stalwart Flyers fans)

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    June 2000
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    Info Future Highway
    December '96
  • Orca Award
    "Orca Award"
    Summer '98
  • Internet Underground
    Five Stars - May 1996
  • NetGuide
    Four Stars - 1996
  • Pioneer Planet
    Summer 1996