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Webmaster nlfan.com business card

If you "spot the webmaster," he'll give you his card

Like Monty Python's "Spot the Loony" ...but in America

Photos taken by great fans & friends

Webmaster getting interviewed by kids

Spotted by Wade Werner,
Interviewed by Katelyn from KGFW (GFW Elementary School) Radio, St. Paul, August 2005

Webmaster teaching scorekeeping

Spotted by Don Ackerman, teaching the next generation how to score a baseball game, St. Paul, 2005

Webmaster at the Irish Night

Spotted by Jeff Adams, Irish Night, St. Paul, 2004

Webmaster at the Steelyard in Gary

Spotted by Ken Parr, Gary 2003

Watched game with Ken 30.July.03

Webmaster at Midway Stadium 2002

Spotted by Kevin Reichard, Midway Stadium 2002

Watched game with Kevin 8.July.02

Webmaster at the Hangar

Spotted by Lee Gibbs, Schaumburg 2001

Watched game with Lee 2.August.01

Visit Lee's ballpark site

Webmaster ringing cowbell at the Nest

Spotted by Kevin Rezac, Fargo 1999

Spotted "in action" cheering Saints 13.June.99

Webmaster on the radio in Madison

Spotted by Jerry Smith, Madison 1999

Spotted on the air with Rich Reynolds 1.June.99

Webmaster at the Bird Cage

Spotted by Brian Wollman, Sioux Falls 1997

Spotted keeping score

Webmaster at the Nest in Fargo

Spotted by Ryan C. Christiansen, Fargo 1997

Spotted ringing cowbell and listening to radio play by play

Webmaster entering Midway Stadium

Spotted by Saints Staff, St. Paul 1996

Spotted wearing cap and lugging large duffle

Webmaster in Madison

Spotted by Jerry Smith, Madison 1996

Spotted ringing cowbell & wearing Saints Hard Ball Cafe shirt